Having tipped the scales at an all time high of 95Kg in late September I decided it was about time I did something about it. 

Well that was a couple of years ago (2016) to be precise...... It's now 99.8Kg.   Time to get serious.  So I'm going to try and reboot a previous series of articles I wrote a few years ago. 

Having talked to numerous patients over the years, a common theme has emerged:  Keeping up with a weight loss/management program seems to be the hardest part.  Starting is relatively easy by comparison.

Not being an expert in the area of weight loss, and weight management I decided to do some research.   Typing in "lose weight" in to Google and got pages and pages of diets,  supplements, programmes, course, and the  list just goes on and on....   42 pages to be precise.

So I decided to look for programmes that were simple and easy to follow, and made sense. Same problem, most of the schemes were trying to sell you something. Raspberry this, Lemon that, Detox, fat burners, and the list goes on. With no real data to back them up.

The conclusion I have come to is that focusing on short term "lose 10kg in 2 weeks" doesn't work.  In fact it's counter productive (I'll explain that later), and more often than not leads to a rebound in weight, which feeds into negative feelings about not achieving or maintaining weight control you want. What's important in long term weight management is having a longer time frame in mind.

So this is me today (1st October 2019) on the right.


My goal is to lose 15kg by the end of March.  That's March 2020


Next: BMI what is it, and what does it mean?

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