There are two main types of drug test that are easy enough to use at home or at work.  They are mouth swab - where the test is held in the mouth and absorbs saliva and detects drugs present.  Or urine dip tests that get dipped in a 'cup' of urine from the person being tested and detect drugs.

Both have pros and cons.

Pros for Oral swab tests

  • don't require collection of urine and can be done quickly
  • little mess and there no cup of urine to dispose of afterwards. 
  • detect drugs much quicker than urine based tests.   For instance methamphetamine (or P) in as little as 5 minutes. 
  • it's difficult to adulterate/contaminate sample to invalidate the test.
  • Can be more effective in detecting recent marijuana use in people who haven't previuosly used it. *


Pros for Urine tests

  • longer windows of detection up to 30 days for THC 
  • can detect lower levels of drugs - particularly methamphetamine (P)*
  • fewer false negatives *


Neither give a number for amount or concentration of drug in the body.  Blood tests are required for that.

Click here for information on how long various drugs are detectable.



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