Boody: Bamboo that is the latest in eco-textile development


What’s Boody? Boody is Organic Bamboo Eco-Wear!


Bamboo is amazing as a textile, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, hypoallergenic (people with eczema and skin conditions can often wear it comfortably) and it is moisture-wicking (draws perspiration away from the skin).


Now that microfleece has fallen from grace as an ‘eco-textile’ (it used to be an eco-hero because it is made of up-cycled plastics, but unfortunately research has revealed that it breaks down in the laundering process, causing water-pollution from plastic micro fibres) Bamboo makes for a great, warm, well-wearing replacement for micro fleece and polypropylenes.


What does it feel like? Like a second skin! Boody Wear is silky, soft and feels delicious. Similar to wearing silk, but with the benefits of a stretch fabric, it feels luxurious and smooth against the skin. It has a unique feel - you definitely know you are wearing something other than your average cotton!


We have both adult and baby garments in the Boody range. For adults, tops, leggings and underwear in shades of black or white. The Babywear range comes in pastel colours, and includes baby wraps. Bamboo warms in winter and cools in summer, so would make a good year-round alternative to a woollen wrap for a baby.


Boody Wear is sustainably-sourced, so you know you are wearing fabrics which are good for the planet as well as your skin! 

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