Reduced sleep is associated with lower bone density according to this study


Postmenopausal women who had less than 5 hours of sleep per night were more likely to have low bone density.  This is when comapred to women who got at least 7 hours sleep per night which is the recommended optimal amount of sleep.

This study followed an earlier study that found that women who had longer or shorter sleep, or had disturbed sleep were more likely to have lower bone densirty  when compare to women who got on average 7 hours of sleep per night.   

In the new study after adjusting for a whole bunch of oter factors the researchers found that women who had 5 hours or less sleep had a greater risk of low bone density in both hips and spine, and although the difference weren't huge    

" the higher risk of osteoporosis in the short sleep group is equivalent to 1 year of aging.”

The authors also poited to the importance of good sleep hygine in improving sleep.

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