The idea of pouring water close to 100 C into a rubber bag through a small openning, while your holding the bag doesn't sound particularly clever. 

Particularly when you're not doing anything to protect the hand you holding the bottle with from getting burnt.

Now add in the idea that the person doing the pouring might have a tremor.

It's a recipe for trouble.

Injuries that happen when filling are only half the story.  There's also injuries from hotties bursting, or leaking hot water.

And the numbers show it.  In 2019 ACC received 323 claims for injury from hot water bottles, and that was only January to July.  So the full depth of winter was still to come.

In 2018 there was 5 year peak in claims to ACC for injuries from hot water bottles at just over 1,000.

Electric hot water bottles are a relatively cheap way to avoid the risk.  They are a sealed bag that warms the water via an internal element.   Heat cut off switches prevent over heating.  Look for a model that at the very least meets EU Standards 2014/30 (EMC), 2014/35 (low voltage), and 2011/65(RoHS) or equivalent.



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