Cystitis (UTI) 

If you suffer from burning or stinging when passing urine or the need to pass urine too often, Ural is the solution.

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When you need to go, but it stings… take Uralå¨.

Lower Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) such as cystitis are surprisingly common. The painful stinging, burning sensation when you try to pass urine shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, it is pretty hard to ignore!1,2

If that sounds painfully familiar, try Uralå¨ for fast, effective relief of symptoms3.

Why did I get a UTI?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) happens when bacteria get in to the urinary tract and multiply. The most common type of UTI is Cystitis, where bacteria have infected the bladder1,2.

Women of all ages can get UTI’s for all sorts of reasons. Women are more commonly affected due to anatomy, the urethra is shorter, enabling bacteria to travel to the bladder more easily. Men and children sometimes get UTI’s as well1,2.

UTI’s often coincide with an increase or change in sexual activity, but it’s also common in pregnant women, menopausal women, elderly people, people with diabetes, men with prostate problems, and people with a urinary catheter1,2.

What treatments are available for UTI’s?

Our pharmacist can help you to find the right treatment for you.

Uralå¨ works fast to relieve the stinging sensation3

Uralå¨ provides fast relief from cystitis symptoms because it’s an alkaliser, which works by neutralising the acid in your urine making it less painful to pass.

Uralå¨ is only available in pharmacies, ask for it by name.

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