Mole Check with Firstcheck

Some moles are cute, others not so much


From National Cancer Institute

Some moles are cute, others not so much

Mole from 20cm

Mole from 10cm

Hi Mag

High Magnification photo of mole taken using Dermatoscope.

New Zealand has a really high rate of Malignant Melanoma, and a shortage of Doctors qualified to diagnose it.  In conjunction with Firstcheck and The Skin Institute, we're happy to announce our new Teledermatolgy service in an effort to overcome the bottle neck in the service, and be part of the solution.  

If you've got moles or spots that are troubling you we can get you an answer from a NZ Registered Specialist Dermatologist, or Skin Doctor.  We use a highly magnifying dermoscope to take high resolution, high quality picture of your moles or spots and you get an expert opinion quickly.

It's cost effective too

  • One mole $29.95
  • Two moles $44.95
  • Three moles $59.95

There's no appointment needed, so you can get you moles checked when it suits you.

If you have any questions at all you can call us on 06-358-7788 or follw this link to send us an email.